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Monday, musically… August 13, 2007

Posted by thebigswede in Uncategorized.

Hejsan alla. Two songs today. These songs arn’t super new to some of you…and I don’t have much time to talk about them, got to get to work in a few. The first is by an artist that means a great deal to me: Tiger Lou. He is my favorite Swedish artist by far, and slowly gaining some popularity in other places. Spread the word! The concept of the video is well, quite artistic in my opinion. Enjoy.

The next is from another personal favorite, Damien Rice and his more or less recent album “O”. I guess you sort of have to be in the right mood to appreciate Rice, but his music is indisputably magical…in some way.

Off to the grind. May love surround you, whatever you find yourself doing this week.



1. David Aaron Engle - August 14, 2007

Not feeling these two clips as much as last week’s, though I agree with you the first/top one is very artistic.
Keep ’em coming tho …

– David

2. crusadedo - August 15, 2007

WHAT Mike forgive my brother I think he is just crazy! Ok the second one you were right is kind of a mood thing but the Tiger Lou that is honestly one of the coolest songs I have every heard. Arigatou gozaimasu!

Keep cranking out the beats my friend

3. crusadedo - August 15, 2007

Ok this song is sooo good I had to post AGAIN


4. Mela - August 15, 2007

Nej, jag ska inte sluta, vad tänker du 🙂 ?? Tiger Lou is the best! Vi hörs snart, kram kram

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