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New Music Monday August 6, 2007

Posted by thebigswede in Uncategorized.

Hej guys. Life lately has been chaotic, sad, stressful, happy, sore, sour and triumphant. One thing I get a kick out of is introducing people to great music. I have a “nack” for doing this with scary consistency. Personally, I would rather not live then live without music: listening to it, seeing it, creating it. Each Monday I’m going to bring you a new song, something new, fresh, relevant with the hope that you might like it and look up more of the band. Naturally with so many different musical tastes this is difficult, but I’ll try to mix it up as much as possible. Enjoy today’s selection.

Believe in death. Believe even stronger in the life everlasting. May your week be warm and your thoughts optimistic.



1. marcovinicio - August 11, 2007

EAch Monday!? Deal.

Also, cool song. This was only the second song I’ve heard of theirs.

2. David Aaron Engle - August 11, 2007

Not bad, not bad at all … !

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