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A lesson learned, and music on monday August 27, 2007

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Some things in life you can only learn by experience. Do you remember growing up, how good the taste of candy was? I know I did. Pure and unadulterated were those days. But after a while you get a stomach ache, or perhaps a tooth cavity, and you begin to realize that something which could taste so good might not actually be so great for you after all. One of the greatest gifts in life is that God does not give us all the things that we want. Think about that for a moment. In His sovereign love He sees what we cannot…that what we selfishly desire is not best for us, in the long run. Have you ever wanted something so bad you’d do anything for it, only to realize sometime later that which you so longed for would have made you miserable down the road? That which you were so blinded into believing was the best, was actually the worst in disguise. This is such an important lesson, one that only can be learned through heartache and disappointment. Sometimes we can be such fools. Thankfully, in the end, God has His best in store for each and every one of us, no matter how hard we try to screw things up and run away from Him. Have a great week.


Untitled August 24, 2007

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And when you stop to listen
What is it you hear and see?
A poem and a marble grave
Of love that will never be

Speak softly through the mist
In the language of the trees
Tell of days gone by, of lies
Of kisses and the gentle autumn breeze

Does it make you stop and wonder?
Through tears it’s hard to breathe
A dream which can’t be spoken
A treasure lost at sea

It’s a pain which can’t be felt
Yet it brings you to your knees
It’s the greatest thing of all
And it murders you and me

We thought it might be easy
It caught us by surprise
The rain it falls, it’s no ones fault
A wretched severed tie

Through the darkness nothing flies
There is only joy on the other side
Take my hand, I dare you to try
Let me be your humble guide



A Trader in Our Midst…Music Monday – 5 pack August 20, 2007

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Hi. About three weeks ago I officially traded in my life of freedom for something a little more…steady. I’ve been working at a local specialty food retailer named Trader Joes, in Bellevue. This has given me the opportunity to begin paying back money that I owe from an amazing, yet expensive, year in Sweden. It also helps immensely with rent which I will start paying once Mark and I move in together on the 4th of September. I can’t wait! The above picture is myself with two good co-working friends, Adam and Annette. I love my fellow traders. Come on in and I’ll give you a 10% discount or a free sample, I promise.

I went through about two dozen great songs this week and could have easily posted any 10 of them today. So much good music, way too few Mondays. Lets get started.

Normally I hate songs that get too much play on radio and MTV. It just isn’t me. But this first selection sort of falls into this category. Personally I think its a fluke that a majority has recognized a good song, but in this case it has happened. Good lyrics, a heart-felt voice, and a creative video that reminds me in some ways of my time in Sweden. You might have to listen a few times to fully get it.

“A thousand miles seems pretty far, But they’ve got planes and trains and cars, I’d walk to you if I had no other way, Our friends would all make fun of us, And we’ll just laugh along because, We know that none of them have felt this way, Delilah I can promise you, That by the time that we get through, The world will never ever be the same, And you’re to blame.”

I wish I had written this song.

A look now to a band that was completely unknown to me before a few months ago. Placebo has apparently been around forever, somewhat under the radar, at least in the States. This is not a band for everyone. Iconoclastic, mysterious and epic in their creativity, Placebo’s songs frequently exude love loss, depression, suicide, drug use and other lovely themes. Since Placebo will be new to some of you, I want to play two great songs that have been in my head this week. “Twenty Years” is first.

“Centrefolds” is filled with dazzling dissonance, haunting vocals and dark beauty. You know a band is good when their live set is better then the recorded one.

If you liked either of these, you owe it to yourself to check out two more excellent songs by Placebo, on your own time:

Enough of that.

On to a local Seattle band which is very unknown but gaining some cred. This is Band of Horses with “The Funeral”.

If I played in a rock band, I would want it to be Muse. They are melodically rich, lyrically complex and super passionate. Oh, and they know how to rock. I cannot wait to see them in September in Seattle, they are going to bring the roof down. Enjoy this great selection from their latest offering, Black Holes and Revelations. Crank up the volume. This is “Starlight”.

Abandon all your hopes and expectations. They are black holes and revelations. Close your eyes and just breathe. Its time to move on.

Monday, musically… August 13, 2007

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Hejsan alla. Two songs today. These songs arn’t super new to some of you…and I don’t have much time to talk about them, got to get to work in a few. The first is by an artist that means a great deal to me: Tiger Lou. He is my favorite Swedish artist by far, and slowly gaining some popularity in other places. Spread the word! The concept of the video is well, quite artistic in my opinion. Enjoy.

The next is from another personal favorite, Damien Rice and his more or less recent album “O”. I guess you sort of have to be in the right mood to appreciate Rice, but his music is indisputably magical…in some way.

Off to the grind. May love surround you, whatever you find yourself doing this week.

New Music Monday August 6, 2007

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Hej guys. Life lately has been chaotic, sad, stressful, happy, sore, sour and triumphant. One thing I get a kick out of is introducing people to great music. I have a “nack” for doing this with scary consistency. Personally, I would rather not live then live without music: listening to it, seeing it, creating it. Each Monday I’m going to bring you a new song, something new, fresh, relevant with the hope that you might like it and look up more of the band. Naturally with so many different musical tastes this is difficult, but I’ll try to mix it up as much as possible. Enjoy today’s selection.

Believe in death. Believe even stronger in the life everlasting. May your week be warm and your thoughts optimistic.