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Washing Windows, Medical Schools! ..I want Sweden back :( July 24, 2007

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Song of the Day: Bo Kaspers Orkester – En Dag Att Bli Kär På

Mark and I have had the pleasure of washing windows lately. It turns out that windows get really dirty, and that rich people will pay through the teeth to get them clean again. Thus, the Mark and Mike Window Wash Co. was born. It works out just great. Not only do we get payed respectable, tax-free money from private clients but we also get to teach each other German and Swedish while on the job, since, well, window washing is pretty mind-numbing. So far we have had several clients and those satisfied souls seem to be telling all their friends about us. Word travels fast. Need a good wash? Don’t hesitate to call!

After months of deliberation, hours of research and a little luck I have finished my final list of med schools to which I will apply for the entering class of 2008-2009. I have some reach schools, some easier schools and of course my main target, the University of Washington. Go Huskies! The part which is giving me the most trouble, on my application, is that of the personal statement. Not that you can tell from this blog (haha…) but I actually don’t much like writing about myself; selling myself, in a sense, to the admissions committee. I know its all part of the game, etc but actually coming up with real reasons WHY I want to be a doctor and then backing all that up with evidence is harder then it sounds. Hmm, maybe I’ll just join the navy, that would be an easy way out!

I’ve showed countless friends my countless collection of photos from Sweden from this last year, and each and every time I go through them it deepens my desire to be back there. I choke up on certain photos and the memories associated to them. Its all quite embarrassing, but impossible to control. Oh, Sweden, how I miss thee, but more importantly..all of you who I left behind.

Have a nice day.



1. John - August 12, 2007

Har inte sett dina bilder från Sverige. Jag skull köpa dig och Mark en “stor starck” och latt dig berätta allt! Kom du ihag det har ordspråk? “Borta bra, men hemma bäst!” Vilkommen tillbaks.

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