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Flag Day ! A Nation Celebrates June 6, 2007

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Happy June 6th, the National Day of Sweden! Go outside right now, dust off the yellow and blue cross and wave it in the wind. There, don’t you feel blonder and more blue-eyed then ever?! I’ll bet you had no idea today was a significant historical day for Swedes. Well guess what? Neither did I! Perplexed by this strange holiday with seemingly no meaning, I do what I always do: ask a native.

Sweden is a land of peace; it is practically as synonymous with peace as Switzerland is with neutrality. Now it hasn’t always been this way. Remember those raping and pillaging vikings? Oh, and how about that Gustavus Adolphus guy practically dominating Germany in the 30-Years War. Yes, Sweden has had its fair share of martial success, but the fact remains that Sweden as a nation has never been conquered by another power. It has no “independence” day, no day it can stand up and proclaim “we kicked the enemy out! We are free!”. Most nations do have this special day of triumph, and Sweden became mighty jealous. So jealous in fact that 2 years ago Sweden created a national day, practically out of thin air. Sneaky Sweden…didn’t think anyone would catch you, did ya? Well I did, and now the 2 people who read this blog have too! Mwahah! Sure there was some kind of special significance for choosing June 6th, like the fact that Gustav Vasa did some important thing or another, and the fact that lazy Swedes wanted another day off, especially when the weather was nice. I just can’t help but stop and snicker. In any case, go out and enjoy the weather if its nice where you currently find yourself. I have a few hours left to go on Toxicology, followed by a full 8 hours dreaming of cytochrome P-450, followed by writing a perfect exam and celebrating with a beer. Wish me luck!



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