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Plans June 2, 2007

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Life is beautiful. Its that feeling that you have when you first wake up in the morning, when the sun is radiant and there is  the hope of a new day. Its June again, what a great time of year. The stress of months and months of studying is almost at an end, and the feeling of accomplishment is refreshing. I had to pinch myself this morning; yesterday was the last class of my 4th year at university. Senior year having come to a close, this is the point I should be done, that I should be moving on with whatever awaits in the “real” world. Scary thought, come to think of it. Some of my friends from high school have married, some have jobs, most have graduated college. Due to my study abroad, it is incumbent that I return for (at least part of) a 5th year. Personally I am so looking forward to that. Those more experienced in years have time and time again expressed that the college years are the best years in life and I for one have no intention of rushing through them. Apropo”rush”, I have no intention of ending my time in Sweden any earlier then I absolutely have to. I have been lucky enough to meet many new people in Sweden and those people have travel plans they apparently want me to join in on; who am I to disappoint?

Originally I was planning on coming home the 16th of June, however, I (as of a few days ago) will not return to beautiful Seattle until the 4th/5th of July. During the extra time I have I will travel all over the place, as far as my budget will allow me to go. Norway, Gotland, Tallinn, Amsterdam and maybe Belgium to name a few. Its going to be a busy June! Trust me when I say, however, this was a hard decision to make. The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday in the states. To all you people back home looking forward to the annual Larson Independence Day Party on Lake Sammamish, I must ask sincerely for your forgiveness. I am actually in the process of planning a post-4th/coming home party on the lake, and all you usual suspects are warmly welcome to bbq, jetski, swim and catch up on a year gone by. Its going to be great to see everyone again.

My parents and I had a great time on Wednesday in Stockholm. We checked out Skansen, the Vasa Museum, the royal coin museum, Gamla Stad, Södermalm, the Chocolad Fabriken and much much more. It was a busy day, our feet were very sore at the end, a good indication we had spent the day well. To top things off we ate at a very historic restaurant that I’d had my eye on for some time – Fem Små Hus in Gamla Stad. It was the perfect way to celebrate Mom’s birthday. They even brought out a small roman candle, with shooting sparks and everything, when they brought out dessert. Fantastic! Here are the pictures from the day.

All aboard the Lars(s)on Buss !

Got to run. More to come soon. Have a great day.



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