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Dr. Larson? May 21, 2007

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Thats my dad’s name. Always has been. If everything goes well it will be mine too, several years from now. I’m here to announce that I began the long, hard road through hell….er, I mean medical school applications, a few days ago. Med schools make life nothing short of hell to get in, its just universal. Essays, MCATs, recommendations, transcripts, interviews, fees and mountains of paper work. I can’t wait!!! This is what its all about right here; these are the tasks I’ve been preparing now for over 4 years. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Its not even a question. I actually laughed out loud when someone first asked me why I wanted to be a doctor. It just seemed so silly. No this isn’t for the money (I would have studied business instead), no this isn’t because of parental pressure (they DISCOURAGED me from studying medicine) and no this isn’t for the women (doctors aren’t jocks, they’re nerds). I’m not saying I don’t have doubts / regrets / frustrations / nightmares et cetera, but when the rubber meets the road I was born to save lives. What I am not born to do is toxic animal experiments with rats. Hmm. Oh well, just one of countless stepping stones along the way. Don’t freak out, the rat was far into dream land before any of our work began.

And like any good researcher, I have my lab monkeys…er, I mean friends, Lars and Diana from the great land of Germany. Say “ost” guys!

Lars, seriously man, what have I told you about wearing shorts and flip-flops to lab. This isn’t the O.C., its Toxicology! Oh well.

Things are going to be really, really busy until I leave Uppsala. I have class everyday, a project to present in two days, my parents coming in 6 days and lots of stress in between. I’ll try to get an update before then, but I’m starting to wind-down a bit. Certainly there will be lots of pictures and stories with my parents, especially when we go to Norway the first week of June, so stay tuned for a big report on that. As you may have guessed by now I’m not going to finish my days in Russia, there is just too much to write and too little time. If you (for some reason) really want to hear about it and see more pictures I’ll do a personal “show & tell” the next time we meet. Needless to say it was amazing. Thats all for now, until next time.



1. Mela - May 21, 2007

Hej Mike,
thanx for all your comments on my blog and in the Studiverz. :). I was just eating my sandwich and then I saw the picture of your mouse – yammi :). But I´m really looking forward to have dinner with you guys on Saturday! kram,

2. marcovinicio - May 24, 2007

Dr. Larson, it has a certain ring to it…..and for the record I think you totally are doing it for the chicks ;)…. I won’t tell.

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