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Viking celebration May 19, 2007

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Uppsala has long had a history with vikings. Uppsala was once a viking capital, the most important market place for trade, and more importantly the center of worship of the Nordic gods. Some of the most important viking kings are buried in massive pyre-mounds here. It is a place practically dripping in old Scandinavian history. Over the last few days Gamla (old) Uppsala has been invaded by vikings. The meat eating, mead drinking, beard growing, marauding and pillaging kind. I love vikings and always have. They represent something that has been completely forgotten in Sweden – masculinity. Vikings don’t mess around. They kill first and don’t bother to ask questions later. They are strong, fearless, passionate, remorseless, hairy and effective. Viking men worship Odin above all. Those who are “glorified” in battle by bloody death dine with him in the never ending feast that Valhalla provides. How can you not love the vikings?

So this group of vikings set up tents, sold hand made goods and did a series of reenactments for a sizable audience today. It was great to watch. Here is a duel video I took…intense:

There were also several group battles, it was great to see the look of sheer amazement on many Swedish children’s faces. Jan, Christian, Melony and Anna were there with me.

As were Stefi and Mela (David and Simon not shown). You guys are the best!

Annnnd, last but not least my good friends from Toxicology, Lars and Diana.

My goodness, thats three different groups of German friends in one night! What can I say? I’m a Deutsch magnet! I really really really need to learn German, as I was the only one in our big group who couldn’t speak it. How embarrassing and frustrating to make everyone speak English because of one uneducated American. Sigh.

The evening ended with the a torch-lit pagan ceremony to Odin, Thor and Frey in a grove of trees nearby. Traditionally the vikings would sacrifice animals and hang the corpses in groves of trees as offerings to the gods. I understood only a little as the ceremony and chanting was in Swedish, but it was all quite educational and the atmosphere was very charged with tradition and pride.

All in all it was a fantastic evening among the vikings. More and more I feel the desire to read about their history, customs, religion and influence. More to come later, sorry that this post is poorly written, I’m tired and its really late. My parents will be here in one week, ack! Time to buckle down with my work until they arrive. Have a good day.



1. Mela - May 19, 2007

Hallo Mike,
I just got up and you already have a new blog entry – unbelievable 🙂 How is it possible…? You really made me laugh, because you´re right: Du bist ein deutscher Magnet 😉
Ha det sa bra och vi ses,

2. Melinda Larson - May 20, 2007

Hi Dear Son of Mine!!

Always love your blog and feel as if I know all of your amazing friends. Friends are a true blessing!!!
Can’t wait to see you next week in Sweden. It has been a very long year away from home. You have adjusted so well and learned so many important things about yourself and about life. It will be so very helpful to you as you enter this next phase of your life.

With great anticipation to see you again and to give you hugs and kisses!!
Mom (and Dad)

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