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The beginning of the last days. May 13, 2007

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Its sort of surreal to think about. You make yourself a new home, you acclimate to a culture that ultimately becomes your own, and as soon as comfort and security sets in…its time to move again. Its that time of the season, both love and change are in the air. Let me tell you, it does wonders for the emotions. Don’t you just love spring? On my last day in this wonderful country I honestly can not tell if I will be in tears or jubilation. Most likely both. Sweden is as much a part of me as Seattle. Both are as much a part of me as my right hand. Can one man love two places the same, can he call them both his home? Perhaps. Come what may I will be state-side in a mere month. Lately I have been savoring every day as if it was my last. Carpe diem, and all that. Part of that includes spending as much time as physically possible with the amazing human beings I have had the privilege of getting to know this last year – those who I will be so forlorn to leave behind. Just as every good thing begins, so must it also come to an end. And now, a few pictures of friends from last week, I love you guys.

(Mela, Mada, and Stephie)

(Meg and Ryan)




And those of you who aren’t included (you know who you are), thebigswede still loves you, your time will come. You guys make me feel like the luckiest man alive, truly. It is you all that make leaving Sweden the hardest. May there be many good times to come before then.

I also wanted to briefly congratulate my little sister on finishing her first year at The Boston Conservatory a few days ago. How did she grow up so fast?!?! Lindsey: I am the proudest big brother ever. Seriously. You are dedicated, talented, competitive and mature beyond your years. Grats on all the amazing success that year #1 brought you. Luv ya.

To another close friend, David Aaron Engle, I want to wish a giant congratulations on graduating from Columbia University. I wish I could be there in person to see you receive the diploma, but we will have to wait and celebrate big time once we are both back home in sweet Seattle.

More to come later, Toxicology is kicking my butt at the moment and I have to read a chapter on “Toxic Responses of the Respiratory System” tonight. Who signed me up for this whole pre-med thing anyway? Is it too late to get a refund? Hehe, kidding. More pictures and things to come in the next few days, and a possibly trip to Tallinn in the works. Exciting! Stay tuned.



1. Mela - May 13, 2007

Hej Kille,
yes I feel quite the same way. I feel home in Sweden but I miss my friends from Germany at the same time. Think it will be a very sad summer because I will miss Sweden and all you guys like hell…But until that we should enjoy the remaining time and the time we´ll have toegether 🙂 Vi ses snart, kram

2. marcovinicio - May 15, 2007

You’ve come to know some really great people! I am so glad that I could come visit and meet them. I hope the next month is full of even more great memories to bring home with you!

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