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Valborg May 1, 2007

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Unbelievable. You train your liver your entire life for a day like today, but even the wildest college bacchanals cannot prepare you (not that I would know, of course!) for a day like this. Nothing can. I had been warned about Valborg even before setting foot in the country of Sweden. I remember seeing a faint glazed look in the eyes of my teacher as he described the highlights of his youth in Uppsala; first and foremost Valborg. Yes, people were drunk by 10 in the morning. Yes, there was wide-spread public urination. Yes, Uppsala looked like it had been hit by an atom bomb of garbage the next morning. Yes, it was all wonderful.

I’m going to just cover the highlights: 1. I found a fantastic spot on the Fyris river to watch the very traditional float race with my friends Ryan and Meg.

2. I succeeded in my goal of both spraying and being sprayed by Theresa…with 4 bottles of champagne at the student nation’s ‘champagne gallopet’. Yup, thats us at the top of the post, soaking wet. 3. I had sill (herring) and potatoes in the park, which made me feel very Swedish.

4. I got to hear all the traditional student songs being sung by Uppsala’s student choir at an evening concert – very beautiful.

5. I grilled hot dogs for dinner, hung out with good friends, drank hot chocolate (because it was cold!!!) and had great conversation late into the night.

This is a day I will never forget.



1. J.Skaff - May 2, 2007

Looks like an episode of…..Swedes Gone Wild!!!

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