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Jan och jag, vi är stark. March 1, 2007

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Happy March 1st. I had a couple of free minutes so I figure why not make a little post, after such a massive one yesterday. Its cold in Uppsala right now. To be honest, there isn’t much to do, especially outside during the winter months in Sweden. So in an effort to break the tedium of day-to-day studying, we invent things to do. For example, lifting heavy objects in strange and difficult ways in an effort to damage our bodies and hope they heal and regrow in a slightly stronger way. My friend Jan and I would like show you a few things that we do in the tiny, tiny gym where we live. You guys all remember Jan, right?

Of course you do. This ex-military beast of a German is my personal trainer, so to speak. He moves these weights from their position here out to the sides of his body, to strengthen the chest. Here, yours truly is doing something self explanatory.

Yeah, that was like my 100th rep I think…*flex*. Haha, I’m terrible at lying. Every time we work out Jan does his best to maintain those 6-pack abs for the Swedish ladies. Way to go you big smoothie.

I was messing around with some low weight on the squat machine and Jan tells me to make a funny face resulting in this picture.

Good times. Ryan and Meg (my friends from Seattle living in Stockholm) are coming to visit today so I’ve got to run down to the tåget (station) and meet them now. Have a good weekend and keep checking back, you never know when something new is happening with thebigswede. Peace.



1. Mark - March 6, 2007

Mike– Good to see that you’re continuing to work out with Jan! good stuff! Maybe I’ll do a few reps with you while I’m up there, who knows? I totally need one of those blue and yellow SWEDEN beaters! lol


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