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Busy. February 25, 2007

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Hey everyone. The title says it all. I’ve been working nonstop on a Swedish history paper (due tomorrow morning), and have much to do as well for my Culture and Health class next week. This means that I won’t have part IV of my Germany trip up nearly as soon as I want it to. Posting quality takes time. What I am not going to do is rush through it and sloppily post a bunch of random pictures up. You can expect part IV due by Wednesday at the latest, so keep checking back. I will also, shortly thereafter, have a new update about how things in Uppsala are going. Have a great week all.



1. Melinda Larson - February 25, 2007

Gosh Mike! Could a mom be more proud of her amazing son!! I do love hearing about all your adventures and am truly astounded how easily I become transported by your beautiful word pictures!
You have such a marvelous way of communicating. I love it (and you!!).

Germany looked like such a remarkable trip for you. We will have to practice our German together. I will get out some of my old books!
Then when we visit we can speak with the locals. I definately want to explore the areas you went to since in our previous trips we didn’t get to those places.

You were blessed to have so many friends to welcome you and open their homes to you. Thank German hosts and hostesses from Mike’s mom and please know you are always welcome to stay with us in Seattle if you are ever here for a visit!!

Can’t wait to read Part IV!!


2. Mark - February 26, 2007

lol Great pic bro. I think I have a new fav pic of you. 🙂 Cheer up old boy, I’ll soon be there to raise a glass and drink to your health! In the mean time, I pray the homework would come and go quickly and without too much tedium.


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