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Part III : Tübingen, German fondue party! Kopps? February 22, 2007

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Well, I have had so many positive comments from friends and family about my last two posts that its kind of overwhelming. So why put an end to a good thing? This is part III and its looking like a part IV will be necessary. To all you haters out there who are tired of me ranting and raving about how great Germany is, you merely need to bear with me through two more, very long posts then I’ll get back to the boringness that is school and freezing myself silly in Uppsala. Picking up where I left off, late night Thursday I made a quick decision to travel to the town of Tübingen the next morning. Tübingen is a university town, with students making up about 3/5 of the total population! Two of Germany’s biggest names in literature/philosophy Johann Goethe and Friedrich Schiller studied and wrote here, with the former publishing his first works in town. Getting here was easy on the train and the weather was sunny and perfect. Like most places I visit I hit the cathedral first. In practice this is wise as cities/towns often developed around a cathedral, not vice versa. In this way the savvy traveler can experience the best old world charm that any place has to offer. Or…I could just be a nut for pipe organs!

The interior was impressive, with many graves of knights and dukes dating from the middle ages. From here I explored the town square and open air market where Germans come to sell everything, from meat, cheese, jelly, flowers, hand crafts, fruits and vegetables – everything! The buildings around the square were old and most were decorated with painted figures, writing and statues.

Those different olives were good! I found a cozy bar/pub to eat lunch and had suprisingly tasty Schwabish soup with spaetzle, a noodle which is synonomous with this region of Germany. Just outside the pub is a long, narrow and winding stairway up to the Schloss (castle) and I began the hike. At the top you are treated with views of the entire city and the river Neckar.

Tübingen was great, no two ways about it, go there if you every find yourself in South Germany, period.

I actually took the train back to Stuttgart fairly early in the afternoon to help Sarah get ready for a fondue (any cheese lovers out there? me too.) party she was throwing at her place. This was the time of the year when students take their finals, then take a two month break or so. Sarah’s sister and friends had finished their tests that day so a party was only fitting. We had a great time together, most of the speaking was done in German and it was great for me to listen to the language, one that I want to learn once my Swedish is complete.

Sarah baked this amazing German Chocolate (no, not Black Forest) with Cherry cake! Recognize it from my other party with German friends? Precis!

The younger ones (wait a minute, come to think of it they were probably 22 also!) decided to go out to the various dance clubs which dot Stuttgart and Sarah and I decided to watch a Swedish movie I had brought with me..Kopps! Well, I should say we tried to watch it because about 25 minutes in we were both practically falling asleep. It had been a long and very memorable day.

I hope through these posts that I’ve peaked your interest a little in visiting Germany. If I have then you should come prepared. With German. I present to you the phrases I learned which helped me get by in the big city of Stuttgart.

Wie gehts? = “How are you?”

Ich hasse die Tasse. = “I hate the cup.”

Lügen haben kurze Beine. = “Lies have short leg.” (it is a colloquial phrase, meaning lying doesn’t get you very far)

Halt’s Maul! = “Shut up!”

I hope this is as helpful to you as it was to me. Thanks for reading part III, stay tuned for more in a couple days. I love to write and share a glimpse into my travels and honestly its a wonderful way for me to remember things which would otherwise be forgotten. If you don’t personally have a blog I would recommend starting one. Its free, easy and one powerful way to express yourself and let your friends and family know whats going on in your world. Live life with passion and never forget that everyday is a good day for optimism.



1. Mark - February 22, 2007

Dude, thank you for putting all this time and effort into the blogging, it’s totally great. Wow, those people that you hung out with in Stuttgart seem REALLY cool! I’m also glad that you picked up some applicable German vocab. along the way. lol

And one more thing, those pics of Tübingen are amazing. It’s on my list of places to visit next time I’m walking around in Deutschland.


2. Mela - February 22, 2007

Hej Mike,

vad kul att du var i min hemmastad 🙂 ! It´s so nice to see all these pictures on your blog ! Hope you had a great time there…
Hälsningar, mela

3. David Aaron Engle - February 26, 2007

Mike, its great reading up on your exploits and explorations in Germany. I didn’t know that you knew Smeike!! I was scrolling through the pictures on here, thought I recognized her, and then thought, nah, can’t be … but sure enough it was. That’s awesome, she’s a cool girl.

Enjoying following your blog, and yes, I’ll look forward to part IV. Oh yeah, and you’re right, HW DOES suck, am beginning two weeks of midterms.


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