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A nice lull, an unexpected suprise – and I’m off to Germany! February 10, 2007

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Greetings greetings one and all, you who are my blog readership. How are you today? I hope the answer is: good. Lately things in Uppsala have been going quite normally and classes are in full swing. It has been fun to get to know many of the “new batch” international students who have recently arrived for just one term here. They are bright-eyed and in wonderment at Sweden, it reminds me of myself when I first arrived. The days are getting longer, which is a definite a plus but the weather is colder and if you make the mistake of venturing around town sans cap and gloves you are in for a chilly experience.

As you know I celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago and somehow a couple international student friends of mine heard about it – on this very blog. Stefanie and Melany (I hope I’m spelling that right), two good friends from Germany studying in Uppsala took it upon themselves to throw me a surprise post-birthday party. They baked an amazing, very traditional German chocolate cake and invited me over under the pretense of having “fika” only to shock me this surprise. Ladies, I can’t really express with a simple “thanks” how much this truly meant to me. Tack så jätte jätte mycket. The cake tasted wonderful and I fully plan on stealing their recipe to make it back home. We chatted about Swedish, health-care, life and of course Germany and I got some great tips on what to visit during my trip next week. Without further adieu here are a couple pictures of us.

Again, thanks for making my week ladies! Another surprise of sorts was when I learned that a very good buddy of mine growing up in elementary, jr. high and high school got married recently. Paul Neighswonger, I want to congratulate you on taking the next step and I wish you happiness, health and all the best with your new spouse. I give you, Mr. and Mrs. Neighswonger.

Don’t they look great together? Paul is a US Marine and has served in Iraq, he is currently based in Hawaii. I will be leaving for Germany on Monday and you can expect, of course, a giant update when I get back next Sunday, along with a host of pictures from Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Freiberg. I am so excited to see this part of Germany and also visit some friends that I have made in this area of Europe. Much more later, and until then keep warm, keep safe, keep praying and keep positive. I love you all, thanks for reading.



1. swedishfish - February 11, 2007

Wow! Totally gorgeous couple! Congrats to them!

Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Germany. I was in Germany in 2002 and had a great time! I’ll be in London next month, would you like to trade postcards? 🙂

2. Mela - February 11, 2007

Mike, det var så lite 🙂 ! Hoppas att du vill ha en trevlig tid i Tyskland…Ha det så roligt och vi ses!
Mela & Steffi

3. David Aaron Engle - February 12, 2007

Mike, great to hear from you. Glad your time in Sweden has been going well, though I think the pic of you & your Corona in Hawaii is great. I’m glad you’ve read C&P, should be fun to talk about when we see each other again. Things here are good, and its starting to look more seriously that I will be returning to the left coast, either to Seattle or San Francisco. Two questions, when do you return from Sweden, and when is your graduation? I should be back home around May 21, so perhaps I can make it depending on the date. If not, we can just party. *s*

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