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No shave…November! December 2, 2006

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Happy December to you all. Hope your holiday season is off to a good start and you survived Thanksgiving with all its gastronomical temptations. Here in Sweden-Land my guy friends and I decided to have a little contest. For the whole month of November we pledged to not shave, not even once, the whole 30 stinking days. If you think we got any dates with Swedish ladies this month, you would be gravely mistaken. In the 70’s we would have been hot stuff, but not in 21st century Europe. In some ways it was nice to not have to shave in the morning, and it certainly was nice to have some face protection from Sweden’s harsh winter winds. Most of our group made it the whole month, but I would like to personally add that Karl Peterson is a lame quitter. It was your idea man, shame on you for quitting! To all my readers out there in cyberland I have a little contest/poll for you today. Below, you see various pictures that my good German friend Jan took of me while I shaved off my beard (in pieces) yesterday. In the comments section of this post I want you all to chose which look is your favorite. Will I grow out my facial hair in the style that wins? Probably not, but its fun nonetheless.

From full beard to just a mustache, you get the whole progression. How fortunate! You can tell I need a haircut, stat, but their so expensive here…oh well, I’ll find the time this week. I especially liked the 3rd picture, looks very Miami Vice…but I don’t want to sway your opinion! Get out there and vote.

Things in Uppsala are going well but honestly I’m very stressed right now. Classes are coming to their conclusion and I have many papers to write, and many final tests to study for. On top of this my mom is coming in a week and I’ve got to get things ready for her, and for our big night at the Nobel Banquet. I could not believe how much money they wanted for a full tail-coat and tux suit rental, but I think it will definitely be worth it. Be very safe this holiday season, especially in the car. I look forward to seeing many of you when I come home on the 22nd. Thats all for now, Ive got to get back to my books. Vi hörs, vi ses!



1. Marcos Engle - December 5, 2006

LOL WOW, I’m not sure what to say about these pictures!!!

I think that asthetically, you should either have the full beard (I’m surprised how red it is!!) or no facial hair. Although some of these pictures are hilarious–the last two look like someone stole your last dip of tobacco and you’re about to maim them with your antler-hilt deer skinning knife. And you’re right about the middle one–Miami Vice!


2. Brendan Ribera - December 8, 2006

I’m going to second Marcos’ sentiment: the full beard is good, but none of the intermediate stages from that to a bare face pass muster.

A full beard starts you at this panache-laden mountain man level, but every part you shave off takes you further into the realm of pass-me-another-bud-light-yay-for-being-a-redneck. Once the hair is gone completely, however, you emerge from that dark land into that of normalcy.

3. Daniel - December 13, 2006

This is what I look like after 2 weeks without shaving…

I got tired of shaving at the tender age of 19… *shrug* But I wouldn’t have lasted the entire month… well done kemosabe.

I like that yours is red!

4. Uncle Steve (Stephen Larson) in Chicago - December 15, 2006

I like the illuminated antler effect of the last photo — sort of a Swedish reindeer effect for the holidays!

Can’t wait to read about your experience last weekend at the Nobel Prize award ceremony and banquet!


Uncle Steve (still bearded after all these years….)

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