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Jag har vunnit!! Nobel Banquet November 12, 2006

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First, many apologies are in order for taking so long between updates. Lots has been going on. In fact so much has been going on that I decided to split what would be one giant update into two baby giant updates. Who hear hasn’t heard of Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize or the fact that both are Swedish? If this is you raising their hand…i’m terribly sorry. I mean comon, its only the most important, highly reguarded and respected award in the entire world (with prize money to match!). The awards are given out early on the day of Dec. 10th but the real festivites begin, and end, with the Nobel banquet later in the evening. Only 1,300 people can be seated in the fabled Blue Hall of the stadhuset to dine with the winners and royalty alike. Every year a handfull of students, chosen from among all the universities in Sweden are given the opportunity to attend the banquet as well. As the title reads, I somehow through some cosmic grace got chosen to attend this year. I had a very very low % chance to win, and I’m still in shock. I could go into much more detail about what we have to wear and everything but if you are curious this link tells all, has photos and menus throughout the years of Nobel:


Here is a look into the future (Crown Princess Victoria to my right, Queen Silvia to my left) :



1. Capt. Gars - November 13, 2006

Holy crap! Congratulations!

2. swedishfish - November 16, 2006

How did you manage that? I tried to find out how to do that… was it through the international office?

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