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Den första snön är här. November 2, 2006

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Happy belated Halloween everybody! Something strange has been going on lately: The days are getting shorter. Much shorter! It also strikes me as very odd that literally 2 weeks ago the weather was sunny and somewhat warm and in just 14 days it very quickly turned into winter – blizzard and all – without much warning. As you can see from the pictures the snow really came down. I asked a few swedes if it was normal to get this kind of snow so early in the season and the majority said this is quite unusual. Guess its time to buy some serious Scandinavian snow boots!

Life in and around Sweden has been busy and wonderful as of late. I took my very first Swedish tentamen (final exam) on friday and I’m pleased to report that it went well (I think) and I will know the results by this friday. The Swedish school system is set up such that if you fail a given exam you can wait for a period of time and take it again, in theory as many times as you need, until you pass it. This is very reassuring (…if only they had this at home!). Directly after the test I traveled to Stockholm and spent the weekend with Ryan as well as Amelia who is a friend from back at UW and who is studying this year in France. All three of us had a great time just walking around the city and I got to see many parts of the capital which I was previously unaware of. In one particular cafe (Choklad Fabriken) we had the pleasure of running into a bon-a-fide Swedish movie star!! Michael Nyqvist!!

This guy is insane. Not like he belongs in a crazy house…but just that he is an insanely good actor. Definatly my favorite Swedish actor of all time. He has been in dozens and dozens of Swedish and other foreign films in his long career including the Academy Award nominated “Så Som I Himmelen”. The rest of the trip was great and I took some fun pictures around the statehouse including the one you see below at sunset. There is something special and majestic about an autumnal sunset, don’t you think?

I have helped cook up a trip to Finland next week, the 7th to the 9th of Nov. and I’m very much looking foward to tooling around Helsinki. I (of course) will bring you all the coverage of that trip when I get back. I feel like I’m leaving something out of this update but I can’t remember what so I’ll just let it be for now. I’m missing every single one of you back home and absolutly love (and want to thank you for) all your updates, comments and emails. Lindsey, if you are reading this, congradulations on finishing your first play at the Boston Conservatory. Sorry I wasn’t there but I’m very proud of you. Until next time everyone, much love.



1. swedishfish - November 11, 2006

Hey Mike, can I borrow your pictures of the first snow? I didn’t manage to get any 😦 I’ll put credit where credit is due 🙂

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