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A New Appriciation October 23, 2006

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Greetings my faithful flock…wait…that came out wrong…never mind. Hows everyone doing? I hope your day is going better then mine! You see, I have a massive test coming up on friday and, well, I’m not so ready to be all I can be just yet. Stressed? Yeah, thats an understatement. Its this whole thing of studying (only) language you see. For the last 3+ years of my life there has not been a quarter of college gone by where I have not had at least 2 sciences classes going on at the same time. Yes, I am going through serious withdrawls but more importantly I’m realizing how much of a passion I actually do have for the sciences – which is an irreplacebly good (somewhat validating) feeling. All that too say, languages are not my forte nor my calling. I don’t think I’ll work in the linguistics field after graduation or any time soon; but I still love Swedish. They don’t call me The Big Swede for my good looks you know…wait…or do they?

I knew that homesickness would come; its a granted. I mean, its home after all. But wow lately I’ve come to the realization that I’ve taken something grossly for granted. What I have never realized is what an absolutely amazing place Seattle and the Pacific NW of the USA actually are. For all you folks that live there, I have a homework assignment for you: go out and kiss the ground, then hug a pine tree. You think I’m kidding? Get to work! You just don’t even know what an incredible, diverse, geographically glorious, rich rich place Seattle really is. If you did you would hug a tree everyday, and I fully plan on doing this upon my return. I can honestly say, without the slightest hesitation that I never want to live another place in my entire life. Well ok…maybe go somewhere for the winters in retirement, but you get the idea. All the millions of ladies reading this blog, thats right, if you don’t want to live in Seattle any time soon, you’ve fallen in love with the wrong swede. Look elsewhere; its not the worst thing that could happen right?

As I’m writing this I’m suddenly realizing that I promised pictures of Uppsala in its full Autumnal splender. Wow, I suck. Instead I give you (up top) a stolen (!) picture I found of Sweden…in Autumn. It is really beautiful here, but extremely wet, like its been raining every day, all day lately. You don’t want pictures of muddy, wet, dreary Autumn scenes so I’ll wait for a break in the weather to play Mr. Photo again. Yesterday I went to a great pipe organ concert at the Domkyrka (cathedral) in town and wow, talk about heaven on earth. No joke, when you put me in a stucture that immense, with that much history and beauty and you play soul-stirring music on the king of insturments I have an out of body experience, straight to heaven. Or as close to heaven as I’ll get this side of eternity.

One last thing before I wrap it up for the night. You really owe it to yourself, no matter who you are or what you believe, to listen to a specific sermon which I downloaded recently from marshillchurch.org on the topic of idolatry. I know, not the most cheery of topics but this sermon has literally changed my perspective of the Christian faith. In my humble oppinion it is one of the best sermons Pastor Mark Driscoll has ever preached, and he has preached a few good ones my friends. I’ve never said this before but this sermon is one that every human being needs to hear; Christian and non-Christian alike. Here is the link for the download : http://www.marshillchurch.org/audio/060618_1Cor_10_16k.mp3

The thought of you my friends/family brings a smile to my face. Live with passion and dedication, life is so short. Your messages and emails mean the world to me, keep ‘um coming. Till next time, stand firm.




1. the middle Engle - October 28, 2006

Mike, you Swede! That is an amazing picture you have–I can’t wait to come and see your beautiful country. I hope that things on the scholastic front have been going well, specifically this test you spoke of. I have every confidence that you kicked it out of the park!

keep those updates coming, und ich werde mit dir am Sontag sprechen. 🙂

(I’m impressed that the sermon made it to your blog! that’s cool–I wonder who else will listen to it)

2. the eldest engle - November 1, 2006

As a matter of fact … I listened to it …
And it was most certainly vintage Mark Driscoll. (Which is to say, it was good)

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