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The sound of music, and Autumn comes. October 15, 2006

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Hejsan alla. I’m not much in the mood to go into details tonight but things are going well in swederland. Many of you know I play the piano and especially like the music of Bach. Well, I couldn’t fathom a year abroad without his music so I naturally brought a few music books with me to Sweden. Only recently however had I found a place to practice – in my student nation Snerikies! They have a marvelous, castle looking building and inside are a few pianos which can be accessed by student members. The picture above is the one I was able to use, a little stand up piano that worked great. I can’t quite describe how good it felt to play after a 5-6 week absence; lets just say its something I can’t live without. Ryan came up yesterday to hang out and we went to a traditional english dinner at Eklundshoff dorm, put on by Francis, Jodie and “Stor Brittania” friends so thanks alot guys for a very very fun night. If you have never tried the english dessert “spotted dick” before you have missed out – its delicious. Karl and I went to a Mozart concert today, put on by the Uppsala cathedral boys choir. It was very meditative and a treat for the ears.

A few days ago it very suddenly, without warning, became cold outside. Literally, one day it was sunny and somewhat warm, the next I could clearly see my breath. How the heck does that work?! Autumn is finally here and the trees are changing color all around the campus. I will have photos of them for you in the next update – trust me they will be worth the wait. Thats it for today, I need to get up early and do some laundry…sigh. Until next time my friends, to thine own self be true.




1. Benjamin Engle - October 23, 2006

Hey Mike its been some time since I’ve spoken to you. I = bad player, anywho just wanted to send some love and say that I am proud to know such a lovely and dedicated Swede and hope to emulate your passion. I hope your plans continue to be met with Gods grace and that we will see eachother in His time

Oh yeah and they reprinted Mystic Enforcer uhuh its all over

2. My Kids Website - August 16, 2007

Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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