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Du kan känna dig trygg i Hans kärlek October 7, 2006

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My cell phone stopped working today. Not sure why, not sure how, but it died. That just about sums up my mood as of late, and the mood of the wet, wet weather here in Uppsala. Nah, I shouldn’t say that, things are going well. Yesterday Karl and I decided to do some real man shopping in Stockholm. How do I say this; unless you’ve been to Stockholm you can’t really appriciate the heavy subconscious pressure to look wholly fashionable at all times. Accordingly there are limitless posibilities, a veritable shopping nirvana for those who subscribe to a material world. In another lifetime I want to study sociology, and figure out why certain societies demand more or less of the outside appearence for acceptence in to the said society. Enough rant. I purchased a snygg (good/cute) jacket from H&M, an awsome, thinner jacket from Stadium and some other assorted goods I felt like I needed. When you go to Stockholm someday, my friends, its important that you pay a visit to NK (Nordiska Kompaniet). Never have I ever set foot in such a posh, posh, expensive, posh department store – and odds are neither have you. If money wasn’t an issue I guarentee you would buy every single stick of clothing in your closet from NK or one of the classy brands they carry – yes, it is that nice.

I received a nice letter from Ingamar Jonsson a couple days ago. This is one of the few living relatives I have in Sweden and I plan to visit with him soon south of Linköping where he lives. Odds are I can kill two birds with one stone and visit my much beloved and missed swedish teacher Ia Dubois as well, who is currently writing a book in that city. Not sure what else there is to do there but once I visit I’ll report back to you dear reader!

As always, I leave you with a picture, which is at the top of this post. Check out that car! I saw it in Stockholm with Ryan and had to snap a shot. I will have a special reward for anyone who can tell me what the heck that is (maker/model/year/whatever). ‘Til next time.



1. Brendan - October 12, 2006

All I have to say is….
close door
close door
close door
close door
close door
close door
close door
close door
close door
close door
close door

2. swedishfish - October 17, 2006

NK is also where Anna Lindh was murdered 😦

There’s a Bentley dealership underneath an Italian restaurant (or near an Italian restaurant but underground) on Strandvägen, the street you go take when you walk from Gamla Stan to Djurgården… I thought that was pretty cool! Have you seen it?

3. David Aaron Engle - October 23, 2006

Mike you crazy blonde Swede, how are things? It’s been good to read up on what’s going on with you, and I hope that you continue to have a good time over there. Shoot me an email whenever you have time,

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